Monday, September 2, 2013

Ironworks 36 Grill - The Queen Mary

Hello all,

Did you buy an Ironworks 36" or 48" Grill back in early 2000? I did, and I have been happy with my purchase overall, even though I have had to replace the burners and grates several times over the years. Just recently, it was time again for the overhaul, but unfortunately, the burners are no longer available. So, I had a choice, ditch the big hunk of stainless steel, or figure out a way to replace the burners with commonly available grill parts. I chose the latter and it worked out great. Here is what I did....

For the burners, I was able to use commonly available burners sold at Lowes.

Master Forge 2-Pack 17-1/2-in Adjustable Stainless Steel Tube Burner

These were slightly short for the application, but I was able to adapt the installation hardware by bending the mounting bracket, allowing it to reach the back of the grill. These tubes are working nicely in the grill. 
Next, you will need to some burner heat plates to diffuse the heat and help keep droppings off of your burners. I used something like this from Lowes, although mine were stainless steel.

Barbecue Genius 3-Pack Adjustable Porcelain-Coated Steel Heat Plate

Finally, to finish the restoration, I replaced the aging cooking grates with top of the line stainless steel grates that fit the grill perfectly.

Premium quality heavy duty stainless steel cooking grid.

Below are some photos taken of my grill yesterday. Keep in mind the grill is 14 years old.

Update April 2020: My grill is 20 years old now. I just decided to replace it with a Blaze LTE 32. However, my Queen Mary is still working. It's due for burner change, and I would use the Fire Magic burners that I added above. However, I'm going to leave this for the next owner to do.

Good luck,

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