Monday, September 2, 2013

Ironworks 36 Grill - The Queen Mary

Hello all,

Did you buy an Ironworks 36" or 48" Grill back in early 2000? I did, and I have been happy with my purchase overall, even though I have had to replace the burners and grates several times over the years. Just recently, it was time again for the overhaul, but unfortunately, the burners are no longer available. So, I had a choice, ditch the big hunk of stainless steel, or figure out a way to replace the burners with commonly available grill parts. I chose the latter and it worked out great. Here is what I did....

For the burners, I was able to use commonly available burners sold at Lowes.

Master Forge 2-Pack 17-1/2-in Adjustable Stainless Steel Tube Burner

These were slightly short for the application, but I was able to adapt the installation hardware by bending the mounting bracket, allowing it to reach the back of the grill. These tubes are working nicely in the grill. 
Next, you will need to some burner heat plates to diffuse the heat and help keep droppings off of your burners. I used something like this from Lowes, although mine were stainless steel.

Barbecue Genius 3-Pack Adjustable Porcelain-Coated Steel Heat Plate

Finally, to finish the restoration, I replaced the aging cooking grates with top of the line stainless steel grates that fit the grill perfectly.

Premium quality heavy duty stainless steel cooking grid.

Below are some photos taken of my grill yesterday. Keep in mind the grill is 14 years old.

Update April 2020: My grill is 20 years old now. I just decided to replace it with a Blaze LTE 32. However, my Queen Mary is still working. It's due for burner change, and I would use the Fire Magic burners that I added above. However, I'm going to leave this for the next owner to do.

Good luck,

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ymmijcalhoon said...

You did a EXCELLENT JOB in the refurb of your grill. Thanks for the information and I am sure it will help of tons of people who needs the maintenance for the iron works grills. I have the same as yours and it will be nice to be grilling again.

Anonymous said... your "Queen Mary" and did the same to my iron works grill,you saved me about 2000.00$...great job works great!

66pags said...

You did a great job! did the same thing to mine about 2 years ago but used fire magic burners which are cast stainless steel and have a lifetime warranty. They matched almost perfectly with the old burners so not as much adaptation

BT said...

I have 4 cases of brand new original burners if anyone is interested! Email me at

Unknown said...

BT I sent you and PM...

Unknown said...

I just picked one of these grills up, but mine has 3 warming trays at the top! Just wondering how much these grills were brand new?

Unknown said...

Depending on how big it is 24", 36" 48" or 60" they can run from 1K to 5K I believe.

I have a OCB 24 and I paid 1K for it.
I would like to sell it If anyone is interested. It still works and I recently replace two of the burners as well as the inlet hose.
If anyone is interested email me at

The Don said...

Hi there, do you still have the burners you mentioned in your June 10, 2015 post? I might be interested
Don P

The Don said...

Chuck, is your grill connected to you house natural gas line? My grill is connected to home natural gas line, I am wondering if the burners are different as a result

Pelon said...

I have an OCB 24 and cannot find cast iron grill grates. Does anyone have a source? 2 X 22.5" X 5.5". It will accommodate 22.5" deep by 24" wide.

Unknown said...

You can find the grates at Appliancefactoryparts. I bought some porcelain ss ones as back ups to my cast iron ones. expensive but you only need 3 ($200)

I have been looking for burners and the Firemagic cast stainless ones are 200 for 2 and can be found at BBQ Depot 3041-40-2

Unknown said...

Hi, I'm also looking at retrofitting my grill and wanted to know, Chuck how you attached the heat shields to the burners? Did you just lay them on top of the burners? or a stand-off? The distance betweent the burner and grate is what concerns me and the 1" gas pipe doesn't spread the heat out well enough for stainless steel grates i.e., there will be hot spots.

I still have my oringinal iron grates and iron is better at heat dispersion so the gas burners may do alright with iron grates.

Any other updates? I may end up going with the cheap Fire Majic burners and see how that turns out but they are only 1 1/2 wide so not much better and they are iron..

my email id is I would be interested in hearing from anyone about this grill.



Unknown said...

I refurbished my 48 inch last year w new burners and stainless grates. Now the main gas tube has rusted away. Its the one that enters on the left side and runs across the front with all of the jets attached. Does anyone know how to replace this? I hate to trash this grill after the money spent last year! Thanks for your replies

Chuck Johnson said...

Hi Paul, on the heat shields, I just laid them over the burners. I adjusted the length so they reach from the front to the back of the burner area. They are higher in the front then the back. Not ideal, but seems to work reasonably well. My old Queen Mary is still cooking after 16 years. I'm actually considering an upgrade (Blaze 40" BLZ-5-LP). Seems like a great grill for the money, just like the Queen Mary was. The stainless steel cooking grates have been working great. They clean up nice every time. Even if I upgrade to a new grill, I'm sure the Queen Mary will be in service somewhere.

To "The Don", no, I just use propane tanks. I'm not sure what changes would be required to switch to natural gas.

Chuck Johnson said...

To William, sorry to hear about that main gas tube in the front. That will be a bit harder to replace, but I'm sure it is doable. I think if I was replacing that, I would consider replacing the burner valves also. It might require a handy plumber to help you with the soldering, etc. Good luck and let us know how it goes!